Adult Onset ADHD

Adult Onset ADHD Symptoms – What Do They Mean?

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Adult onset ADHD symptoms – symptoms of inattentiveness or hyperactivity that are present in adulthood but did not exist to a clinically significant degree in childhood – have been the subject of much controversy in the research literature in the last three years. Until recently,  it was understood that ADHD had to have its onset in childhood. In other words …

Online Recovery Resources

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Accessing Online Recovery Resources from Afar Recently I had a patient relocate to Spain who had been in recovery from alcohol for one year. She was very concerned about leaving her recovery community and was surprised to learn that she could continue to access support online from afar. Initially she was skeptical about accessing support online. However, after trying out …

Marijuana Use and Mental Health

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On the 10 year anniversary of proposition 216, California’s Compassionate Use Act, which essentially legalized marijuana use with a prescription by a physician (“medical marijuana”) and two years after Colorado passed Amendment 64 (which legalized marijuana use in Colorado without any requirement for a prescription) it seems timely to review  what we know about the mental health effects of marijuana use and …