Maintenance TMS

Maintenance TMS

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A patient with treatment resistant depression and an excellent initial response to TMS asked me about the value of maintenance TMS. The question is a reasonable one given what we know generally about the treatment of chronic and/or treatment resistant depression. Almost all of the effective treatments (psychotherapy, medications, ECT, etcetera) have acute and maintenance treatment components. And for all …

Long Acting Injectable Aripiprazole for Bipolar

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Long acting injectable aripiprazole for bipolar one patients has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of a recurrence of a mood episode in a 52 week placebo controlled clinical trial. Poor adherence to treatment is a significant problem in patients with bipolar disorder, putting patients at increased risk of recurrence of mood episodes, hospitalization, and suicide. One other study …

TMS Guidelines

Peter ForsterTreatments of Depression

In the April edition of Brain Stimulation, the Clinical TMS Society published expert consensus guidelines on the use of TMS. This definitive review of the literature identifies both what is known as well as significant areas of uncertainty about the use of TMS in the treatment of depression. The process of developing the guideline is described in the introduction to the …