CBASP Advanced Training and Certification for Gateway Therapists – Update

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Gateway Psychiatric was established with the belief that in order to give our patients the best care possible, it is necessary to invest heavily in training for the clinical staff. We particularly focus on evidence based practices that have been shown to address significant problems facing our patients. Since chronic depression is one of the most common problems seen in …

Maintenance TMS

Maintenance TMS

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A patient with treatment resistant depression and an excellent initial response to TMS asked me about the value of maintenance TMS. The question is a reasonable one given what we know generally about the treatment of chronic and/or treatment resistant depression. Almost all of the effective treatments (psychotherapy, medications, ECT, etcetera) have acute and maintenance treatment components. And for all …

Depression and Inflammation: Treatment Options

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A host of conditions have been associated with mild to moderate levels of inflammation in the body. Depression is one of these. Elsewhere in this blog we have discussed the relationship between depression and inflammation, evidence that treatment with an antidepressant (escitalopram) reduces inflammation in depression, and talked about how exercise prevents depression. We have also noted that elevated levels of inflammation (simple …

Mood Charting for Complicated Problems

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I want to share a link to a blog post one the Moodsurfing site which talks about the value of mood charting when trying to understand complicated problems. The story is about Lucy, a patient at Gateway (name changed, of course) and our session yesterday. I think that the story neatly illustrates why keeping track of symptoms is so important when …

Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy

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I have just posted another page on the site devoted to orienting patients to types of psychotherapy that we may recommend for them. This most recent page talks about Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy, an approach to the treatment of patients with chronic depression that many people have benefitted from during the course of their treatment at Gateway Psychiatric. …