Insomnia Relief

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How to find insomnia relief is a question that many people we work with struggle with. A recent editorial in JAMA Psychiatry and the accompanying research article suggests that the online program that we’ve been recommending to our patients for years (SHUTi) is the treatment of choice for insomnia. We have been extremely pleased with the results from this program which can …

CBT for Insomnia Somryst

CBT for Insomnia Reduces Depression – Somryst

Peter ForsterBest Practices, Insomnia, Insomnia Treatment

An online sleep program using CBT for insomnia (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia – CBTi) has been shown to reduce depression in a study published in the April 2016 edition of Lancet Psychiatry. CBT for Insomnia CBTi is the most effective program for treating chronic insomnia and chronic insomnia is a major risk factor for developing depression. Unfortunately, CBTi is …