Google Hangouts Telepsychiatry

Peter Forster About GPS, GPS Update

  Google Hangouts is a secure video conferencing service that is HIPAA compliant. Google Hangouts works with almost every kind of device.  You can download apps for every major browser. Click on the Hangouts system requirements for your computer on the illustration to the right to find out more information and to get links to download the apps for your computer …

Telepsychiatry at Gateway – An Update

Peter Forster GPS Update

An American contractor in Iraq suffering from the after effects of a violent attack needs help to prevent him from developing acute post-traumatic stress disorder. A young man who has been in the throes of an acute psychotic mania and who is now living with his father in remote Humboldt County is trying to rebuild his life. An older woman … Telepsychiatry

Peter Forster About GPS, GPS Update

This blog post provides information about a HIPAA compliant tele-psychiatry platform that we use at Gateway Psychiatric. is a simple and secure Web-based video solution designed for telemedicine. automatically works with popular internet browsers, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, without requiring additional downloads or plug-ins to install. does not work with Safari or Internet Explorer. …