Enlyte methylfolate and more

Enlyte – methylfolate and more

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Enlyte is a therapeutic food that has been designed to help people at risk of functional deficits in folate and methylfolate that may be associated with treatment resistant depression. It contains a mixture of folate, folinic acid and l-methylfolate as well as other co-factors. EnLyte/EnBrace HR/EnLyte-D helps with concentration, motivation, and sleep. Symptoms include depressed mood, loss of interest, problems concentrating, insomnia, …

B Vitamins and Depression and Cognition

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We ran across a Q&A from Consumer Lab on the role of B vitamins in depression which sparked us to update and expand this section of our page on nutritional supplements. ConsumerLab.com Answers   Question: I’ve heard that having low B-12 or B-6 can cause depression. Is that true? Answer: Yes, being deficient in vitamin B-12 or B-6 can cause …

Methylfolate and Depression

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Depression and Methylfolate The role of methylfolate in the treatment of patients with depression has once again been highlighted by an article published in the American Journal of Psychiatry in 2016. After successfully treating treatment resistant depression in a patient deficient in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) tetrahydrobiopterin (necessary for biosynthesis of several neurotransmitters) with sapropterin (a synthetic form of tetrahydrobiopterin’s active isomer), …