Genetic Testing Could Revolutionize Depression Treatment

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Depression is a debilitating mental health condition that affects millions of people worldwide. While there are a variety of effective treatments available, many patients do not respond to the first antidepressant they are prescribed. This can lead to frustration, discouragement, and even worsening symptoms.  A new study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) suggests that genetic testing could …

Simple Blood Test May Help Diagnose Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that causes extreme mood swings, from manic highs to depressive lows. It can be a difficult condition to diagnose, as the symptoms can overlap with other conditions, such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, etcetera. A new study from the University of Cambridge suggests that some day a blood test could help to diagnose bipolar …

Brain Imaging-Based Biomarker of Depression Identified

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Depre­ssion is a widespread and devastating me­ntal health disorder that impacts millions of individuals across the globe­. It is characterized by enduring fe­elings of sadness and despair, along with alte­rations in appetite, slee­p patterns, and energy le­vels. Despite the­ existence of effective treatme­nts for depression, numerous individuals do not e­xperience improve­ment with these inte­rventions. Additionally, accurately predicting tre­atment response re­mains …

Formerly Depressed Individuals Persist in Directing Their Attention Towards Negative Aspects

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Individuals who have successfully overcome a significant episode of depression exhibit a tendency to allocate more attention and cognitive resources towards negative information processing, while dedicating less time to processing positive information. This disparity in information processing increases their vulnerability to a potential relapse when compared to those who have not experienced a major depressive episode. According to research published …

Inflammation and Depression – Specific Symptom Cluster

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A study of 15 population-based cohorts, totalling 56,351 individuals, suggests that there is a correlation between inflammation as measured by elevated  C-reactive protein (CRP) and interleukin-6 (IL-6) and a specific sub-group of symptoms of depression. The inflammation cluster consisted of four physical symptoms: changes in appetite, felt everything was an effort, loss of energy, sleep problems; and one cognitive symptom: little …

Family Risk of Bipolar 1 and 2 Disorders and Schizophrenia

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Interesting study out of Taiwan that uses their fairly comprehensive population based data set to look at the relative risk of having different disorders in a family where one parent either has bipolar one or bipolar two disorder. I found this study interesting in that it suggests that bipolar one has a higher genetic loading for any kind of bipolar …

Shared Gene Expression

Shared Gene Expression in Mental Disorders

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Four distinct psychiatric disorders – autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression – have shared gene expression, according to research published online Feb. 8 in the journal Science. Researchers arrived at the study’s findings by analyzing RNA in 700 tissue samples from the brains of dead people who had autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression or alcohol abuse disorder, then comparing those samples …

Adult Onset ADHD

Adult Onset ADHD Symptoms – What Do They Mean?

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Adult onset ADHD symptoms – symptoms of inattentiveness or hyperactivity that are present in adulthood but did not exist to a clinically significant degree in childhood – have been the subject of much controversy in the research literature in the last three years. Until recently,  it was understood that ADHD had to have its onset in childhood. In other words …

psychosis risk prediction

Psychosis Risk Prediction

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Accurate psychosis risk prediction might allow us to provide early intervention and prevention services to young people at risk of developing psychosis. However our current tools for identifying those at risk are not able to accurately predict and identify those who might benefit from these services. A major step forward was the development of the concept of an At Risk …