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Prolon and Resuming a Healthy Life Post Covid

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Many of us have struggle to stay healthy during a year of Covid. As we contemplate the possibility that there may be some return to “normal” in the next several months we are wondering how we can resume a healthier lifestyle. Prolon may be part of the answer. Several of our patients at Gateway have gained a fair amount of …

“Biggest Loser” Misunderstandings

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Last week on most everybody in my practice who has ever struggled with weight loss came in talking about the widely reported results of a follow-up study to the TV show “Biggest Loser.” And almost everybody’s conclusion from the media coverage was that it seemed the media was suggesting that it was a waste of time trying to lose weight. Most …

Weight Loss Medication

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A new pill with the brand name Contrave was recently approved for the treatment of obesity by the FDA. This pill is an extended release, fixed dose, combination of two previously approved medications: bupropion, a commonly used antidepressant which has also been approved as an aid to those were trying to stop smoking, and naltrexone, a medication that blocks the …