Ketogenic Diet

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Diets and Moods Evidence for the importance of diet for mental health is slowly gathering.  People are looking into the importance of specific diets like the Mediterranean diet, which we have highlighted here before.  And the next big area of research into diet and mental health looks like being the ketogenic diet. Many people have heard of the Atkins diet, …

Inflammation and Depression – Specific Symptom Cluster

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A study of 15 population-based cohorts, totalling 56,351 individuals, suggests that there is a correlation between inflammation as measured by elevated  C-reactive protein (CRP) and interleukin-6 (IL-6) and a specific sub-group of symptoms of depression. The inflammation cluster consisted of four physical symptoms: changes in appetite, felt everything was an effort, loss of energy, sleep problems; and one cognitive symptom: little …

Breastfeeding and Psychotropic Medication

Psychotropic Medications and Breastfeeding

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80% of women in the U.S. will experience at least one pregnancy and 84% of babies will be breastfed. In addition, more than half of women use medications during lactation. There are many reasons for using medications during breastfeeding, but the post-partum period is a time of high vulnerability to mood and anxiety episodes, and the effects of a mood …

Pre-Diabetes Weight Gain and Depression

Insulin Resistance, Pre-Diabetes, Central Obesity, Elevated Triglycerides and Depression

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Three different findings associated with insulin resistance and pre-diabetes are predictive of developing depression according to a study published online from the American Journal of Psychiatry. Study Summary MedPage Today (9/23/2021) writes that, “Three surrogate measures for insulin resistance all showed a significant link with developing a major depressive disorder [MDD] over a nine-year follow-up period,” researchers concluded. The 601-participant study …

Covid-19 Mental Health Effects

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Neurological and psychiatric symptoms are common in COVID-19 infections A recent meta-analysis looked at 215 studies from 30 countries and found that neurological and psychiatric symptoms such as depression and anxiety are common in patients, and are found as much or more in mild cases as in acute cases requiring hospitalization. Loss of sense of smell and taste, weakness, fatigue …

Understanding a Prescription Label

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How can I figure out if I will need Dr. Forster to write a prescription for me? Don’t refills happen automatically? I set them to refill automatically on Walgreens.. Why does Dr. Forster say I have a prescription approved when the pharmacist says I don’t have any refills? Prescription labels contain a great deal of information, but navigating the intricacies …

Prolon Healthier You in 5 Days

Prolon and Resuming a Healthy Life Post Covid

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Many of us have struggle to stay healthy during a year of Covid. As we contemplate the possibility that there may be some return to “normal” in the next several months we are wondering how we can resume a healthier lifestyle. Prolon may be part of the answer. Several of our patients at Gateway have gained a fair amount of …

Coronavirus CDC

February 2022: COVID-19 or Coronavirus and GPS

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The current projections for COVID-19 coronavirus infections in California look hopeful. We track this using the IHME model. As of mid-February 2022, it appears that infections are likely to be back to the levels seen in the fall of 2021 by mid to late March 2022. Other sources of information mirror this prediction. For example, Covid in sewage tends to …

SSRI and Other Antidepressants and Pregnancy – 2020

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We have several other posts on this topic which trace the evolution of our thinking about the risks of using antidepressants during pregnancy. Generally, the data continues to support our view that the risks of depression during pregnancy, both in terms of effects on the mother and effects on the child, usually outweigh the risks of antidepressant use. Another large …

Life Insurance or Disability Insurance and Confidentiality – the MIB and Limits of HIPAA

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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has a few limitations that should be considered when you are applying for life insurance or disability insurance. Life insurance and disability or long term care insurance companies ask you for the names of all the doctors who have treated you and your consent to get records from the doctors. The consent …